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Zimbabwe Association of Community Radios (ZACRAS)

The Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS) is an umbrella body of community radio stations in Zimbabwe whose two broad aims are capacity strengthening and advocating for the licensing and a conducive operational environment. ZACRAS seeks to capacitate and strengthen member stations through conceptual and technical training.

Women are a strong pillar for development and ensuring their inclusion is a pre requisite for any development initiative. In the same token the recognition, participation, involvement and development of women should be the objective of any development agenda. When women have platforms to share ideas and information, they stand a better chance to contribute to the betterment of our societies.

It is with the above in mind that ZACRAS commemorates the 2016 International Women’s Day under the universal theme “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it up for Gender Equality. In commemorating this day, we acknowledge the significant role played by women in the development of communities.

In the quest towards the achievement of gender equality, it is ZACRAS’ belief that men have a significant role to play. It is therefore important for men to see how they can benefit from having a society which respects, recognizes and enables women to access, control and own resources. We therefore encourage men to actively initiate and participate in interventions which seek to promote and enhance the status of women in our communities.

ZACRAS believes that community radio presents a real practical platform for women to participate and have their voices heard in a manner which promotes their inclusiveness. Through community radio, communities can fight gender imbalances and other ills which affect women. ZACRAS affirms that if community radios are licensed and supported, they have a role to play in advancing the interests of women and contributing towards gender equality.

Community radio- a tool for women empowerment and development!!!.

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