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Cellfun Company Registration Services is a division of Cellfun Systems, a Zimbabwe registered company that offers digital marketing services. We have experience in company registration, having worked on a number of both high profile and small companies. Since 2008, we have succesfuly registered over 500 companies and have provided consultancy services to a lot of small businesses and start-ups.

Our team includes qualified accountants, registered tax agents, and company start-up experts.

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Our confidence lies in our experience working with the Deeds Office, and now understand the processes involved, and have also worked towards having an efficient system that reduces all bottlenecks associated with registering a company in Zimbabwe

"When we wanted to register the business entity of our My Own Boss Business TV Show, we had very little time on our hands and didnt know if we could achieve what we wanted in the short space of time we had. We were surprised when these guys from Cellfun managed to do all our company registration in 5 days, and a further 2 days we had our ZIMRA papers as well as a bank account, and we were left with a further 3 days to spend doing other stuff . . ."

Simanga Zhou, My Own Boss Executive Producer

We decided that the hustle of having to do all these papers and having our clients visit us at each stage, it would be easier if we come up with an online company registration system, so that while we worry obout your company papers, you can be busy doing what you love, without having to travel to process and register your company, hence this Cellfun Company Registration Service

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One of our best shooting model, working for this company since the beginning.

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